YaizY Secures $ 2.1 Million Initial Investment To Transform Traditional Apprenticeship System By Turning Children’s Passions Into Professions

New York, New York State (December 6, 2021) – Startup EdTech YaizY, an online platform offering a wide range of curated courses in advanced digital topics for children, today announced a $ 2.1 million funding round in funding total of nearly $ 3 million. The live online education platform enables ages 8 to 17 to develop and hone forward-looking skills in areas such as innovation, leadership, design and multimedia arts. customer base in UK and Israel, increasing the development of the live education platform and supporting the launch of fun yet rigorous courses for students to learn for years to come.

The investment comes from LearnStart, Flyer One Ventures, YellowRockets.vc, Angelsdeck, A.Partners, Vesdar Capital and ALFIN. This is YaizY’s second round of investment after the first round of funding of $ 800,000 closed in January 2021.

Founded by a global team of award-winning and professionally trained entrepreneurs, industry experts and educators with decades of international experience, YaizY quickly expanded to the United States at the end of last year. . As YaizY bridges the gap between the traditional education system of today and what is needed to be successful in the job market of tomorrow, the platform has seen a 500% growth in the number of active paying students from May 2020 to May 2021, winning the trust of over 4,000 families who trust the Yaizy philosophy and continue to invest in their child’s future. To date, over 15,000 students have attended YaizY seminars and workshops, with revenue growth up 450% year-over-year.

The Yaizy team led by CEO Vitaly Gordon is on a mission to become the most trusted online learning platform, inspiring students to turn their passions into professions. Prior to Yaizy, at the age of 17, Gordon was a SAT teacher and Director of Educational Materials at Kaplan, co-founded two successful companies, was Algorithmics’ first international partner and a McKinsey partner for 7 years. COO of YaizY, Lasha Bokuchava spent 4 years as a consultant at McKinsey, bringing significant experience in customer value management and digital analytics to the business. YaizY Marketing Director Evgeniy Roshchupkin combines a traditional marketing skill set with expertise in digital products, games and entertainment, leading teams at Viber, Red Bull and Mail.Ru.

“We believe that every child has individual passions and our role as parents and educators is to ignite those passions and help them navigate the skills needed towards their true calling,” said Vitaly Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder by YaizY. “Our goal is to motivate children to develop a growth mindset, acquire the necessary advanced skills and start their journey to become the next generation of innovators, designers and thought leaders.

“YaizY’s entry into the United States is a testament to how students around the world are turning to this exciting new platform. It’s not easy to stand out in the crowded EdTech industry, and we believe YaizY is poised to quickly become an industry leader in the North American market, ”said Don Burton, CEO by LearnStart. “YaizY’s unique platform and course offerings open up a whole new world for children to explore their passions, while bridging the gap between learning traditional subjects and 21st century skills.”

The YaizY platform has shown that 85% of children complete lessons from start to finish, unlike the average online course which is only taken by 15% of students. Each course consists of 20 lessons once a week, lasting 90 minutes and led by highly qualified tutors with interactive practices and activities directly on the platform.

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