Why the education system must adopt new technologies

GUEST ADVICE: The way students learn has changed. Blackboards have given way to digital whiteboards, and the old televisions and VCRs teachers carried into the classroom are quickly being replaced by state-of-the-art tablets and computers.

For those looking to study for a Masters in Education, it means different studies and training required to become an effective and accomplished teacher in the modern world.

Having a solid working knowledge of new modern technologies and the software and applications available on them enables new teachers to better educate today’s students. There are a number of reasons why these technologies are important and why teachers need to be at the forefront, including:

Unlimited access to information

There is no way for every teacher to know everything. Even if they are specialists in their field, they have worked a lot in the field and the education sector and they have almost photographic memories, every teacher will sometimes be baffled.

Modern technology means that students have access to an unlimited pool of information, and part of the teaching of technology can revolve around sources that are trusted and reputable, and those that should be questioned or challenged.

Technology promotes equality

One of the common concerns about technology is that some students will have access to it, while others will not. Not every family has the budget for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, high speed internet and all the new innovations that will be the new trend in the future.

By giving students access to these devices in the classroom, they will have the same opportunities as other students. The use of this technology will be essential around the world, in higher education and in the workplace when students complete their studies. Equitable access to technology is essential.

Personalized learning plans are another way technology can contribute to equality. In previous years, students who fell behind in classrooms could hold the whole class with constant attention required and questions delaying learning. This could reach the point where students might feel embarrassed to ask questions and fall even further behind.

Custom learning software and teaching apps can provide one-on-one teaching experiences and help students learn independently at a pace consistent with their abilities and development. It gives teachers more flexibility to help guide all students to the highest levels they can achieve. The proof is in the pudding, with studies showing technology in the classroom is more likely to keep kids in school and increase graduation rates

It involves students better

Modern classrooms aren’t the only place tablets and computers have infiltrated, children grow up using this technology and are exposed to it at the daycare and kindergarten levels. They are used to the technology and will adapt more easily to the devices they have already used in their development.

It allows distance learning

As we have learned from COVID-19, distance learning is no longer exclusive to students who may live in remote or rural areas. There are situations that can occur which mean that a student (or students) might not be able to physically attend school for an extended period of time.

They may have a serious illness, be suspended for behavioral reasons, or just struggle in a traditional classroom environment when they can thrive at home.

Remote working has been a huge success for many businesses during COVID and this model also applies to learning. Digital courses can be delivered to students, learning platforms can ensure they don’t fall behind, and modern communication and collaboration platforms can help them stay connected and engaged with other students.


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