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US Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Anne E. Patterson joined Women’s Affairs Minister Dame Pauline Tallen on Tuesday to launch a new national situation room for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the ministry.

A press release from the US agency said USAID was working closely with the ministry to provide multisectoral services – health, protection, household economic strengthening and education for vulnerable children and their caregivers through the Plan. President’s Emergency Relief Initiative (PEPFAR) Initiative.

According to the statement, “As part of the Data for Implementation (Data.FI) activity, USAID is strengthening the ministry’s capacity to monitor and improve services through the development and operationalization of effective systems. data management.

“The mandate of the Department of Women’s Affairs to promote equality and opportunity for women, and to protect women and children from abuse and exploitation, also extends to all USAID programs.

“This new situation room is a collaboration that will help Nigeria prevent violence against women, improve the resilience of vulnerable children and their caregivers, and meet the needs of survivors of violence,” said Mrs. Patterson at the launch.

The statement further states, “The new situation room will harmonize reporting on OVC programs and optimize the national OVC management information system and harness the power of data to help case managers respond effectively and deliver. appropriate services to help these children affected by HIV in their families and communities.

The statement said, “USAID is working closely with the ministry to coordinate OVC interventions as part of its broader mandate of child protection and women’s empowerment, not only to mitigate HIV risks, but also to help caregivers build the economic resilience of their households.

“Implemented by Palladium, Data.FI is one of many USAID activities that help Nigeria provide essential health and social services to nearly 500,000 vulnerable children and their caregivers, including 13,000 children living with HIV.

“Last year, more than 19,000 beneficiaries received USAID-supported GBV services from 7,500 government and private health service providers who provided counseling on gender inclusion, as well as prevention. and responding to gender-based violence.

“These efforts have brought us to this historic moment of opening a repositioned OVC situation room where we can easily obtain real-time data,” said Minister Tallen. “This will undoubtedly improve the generation and management of data at the national, regional and international levels. “

The agency noted that the event was also an opportunity for Minister Tallen to present USAID with an award recognizing the agency’s substantial investments in women and children in Nigeria over the past two decades, appropriately timed to coincide with the 16 annual days against gender-based discrimination. Commemoration of violence in the world.

“We are honored by this award. Our support for health care as well as livelihood training for caregivers through the Ministry of Women‘s Affairs will continue to ensure that the nutritional, educational and other needs of some of Nigerians most vulnerable are met.

“We look forward to further collaboration to protect children and promote women’s equality,” Patterson said.

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