University of Maine system administrator visits Augusta campus

Earlier this fall, Roger Katz, current administrator of the University of Maine’s system board and former state senator and mayor, visited the University of Maine at Augusta.

He was invited by WBU Acting President Joseph Szakas to view the renovated lettering on the exterior of the Bennett D. Katz Library, named in 1999 in honor of Katz’s father. Refreshing the lettering on the facade of the building is part of several improvements undertaken at Augusta Campus in recent months.

While on campus, Katz toured the latest updates to the Katz Building and Randall Student Center with Szakas and Jonathan Henry, VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing.

The visit also allowed Katz and WBU officials to examine archived photos of the Katz family and to recall the establishment of WBU and the 1999 inauguration ceremony of the Bennett D. Katz Library.

The original building that houses the library was completed in 1974. A major addition in 1988 included new interactive television studios and the statewide ITV system control center, as well as a new wing from the library. The facility now also includes a state-of-the-art recording studio associated with WBU’s premier jazz and contemporary music program.

In 1999, the library was officially dedicated and named in honor of Bennett Katz, lawmaker, local businessman and founder of the University of Maine at Augusta. His contributions to the development of the university – while he was a state senator, chairman of the Joint Legislative Education Committee, and system administrator at the University of Maine – served as the basis for this decision.

The Katz Library collection focuses on the academic programs offered by UMA and has become an effective tool of study and research for the UMA community. The collection is developed in collaboration with the faculty of UMA. Accordingly, it represents the research and study needs of students and its academic programs.

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