Ukrainian authorities mistreat black people and prevent them from leaving the country

[UKRAINE] – According to videos posted by some media outlets and people on social media, the Ukrainian authorities have opened the door for the Ukrainian people to take refuge in other countries, only black people are denied access to refuge. For many black people living in Ukraine, the authorities are racist with them, they don’t want them to leave the country like everyone else does.

Black people are not allowed to leave the country to seek refuge in other countries in Europe, only white people from Ukraine are allowed to leave the country. It’s unfair,” said black people in Ukraine as they also tried to leave.

It is confirmed that many countries opened the door for the Ukrainian people to come and stay during the war. Unfortunately, black people who live in Ukraine cannot have the same opportunity where the authorities prevent them from leaving the country like white Ukrainians. Many African countries have contacted the Ukrainian authorities to allow Africans to take refuge just like white people from Ukraine.

“Once again our black brothers and sisters are being ostracized and deprived of their own safety. Remember, injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This is why we must continue to fight for equality for people of color around the world!! said Ben Crump.

“It is unacceptable that the Ukrainian authorities prevent black people from seeking refuge in the same way as white people in Ukraine. Now is not the time for the Ukrainian authorities to be racist with black people because there are many things that are supposed to be a priority for them. Racism is not a priority for them right now. I urge the Ukrainian authorities to open their doors to allow black people to seek refuge and shelter like everyone else. I say no to racism! “said Werley Nortreus.

Adding to what other people are saying about current racism in Ukraine, “Black women and children are screaming. It’s just sad! I can’t believe that’s what Ukraine and Poland are doing! How can you?? In wartime, once again, you let your racism shine through. “The recent events in Ukraine have opened my eyes to what young Africans face in trying to get an education in these Western countries. They tolerate all racism and support it strongly because of our own failing systems coupled with our belief that the West is the key to success” “We met many Africans at the border, they have been here for 2 days but the Ukrainian police and army refused to let them pass”.

Several aid agencies have issued statements expressing their commitment to displaced Ukrainians asking countries to keep their borders open to refugees seeking shelter. Meanwhile, African countries and black leaders are calling on Ukrainian authorities to end racism and discrimination against black people seeking refuge.

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