The rector calls for investments in the sector for national development | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Rector of Ronik Polytechnic, Ejigbo, Lagos, Mrs. Julianah Atoye, emphasized the importance of education, insisting that a country with educated citizens would always have people with logical thinking and opinions.

Speaking at the second convocation of the institution, Atoye noted that education provides knowledge, develops a logical attitude, improves an individual’s ability and helps choose the right government in a democratic dispensation.

She added that education also contributes to the physical, social, mental and spiritual development of an individual.

“It also strengthens a person’s social and moral values ​​and makes them more sensitive, tolerant, hopeful and empathetic. It changes and improves a person’s behavior through rigorous learning and development. She said .

Guest speaker, professor of accounting and strategic financial management, Rufus Ishola Akintoye, urged graduate students to pursue their vision with excellence and good character.

Speaking on the topic “The Power of Vision and Character in the Journey to Excellence,” Akintoye said, contrary to belief, Nigeria is a country of unlimited opportunities, but only people of great character and vision could maximize the benefits.

The institution’s visitor, Mr. Chris Alabi, urged the graduating students to work hard, achieve their goals and fulfill their destiny. He said that hard work will always help achieve great feats.

According to him, “Life is not a bed of roses, it has problems and struggles but it has attractive aspects, which gives hope and positivity. We should make life advantageous and progressively excellent.

Chairman of the Board, Reuben Odunsi, who spoke about “self-employment and wealth creation”, said that self-reliant people are assets to the nation because they are capable of creating lasting wealth.

He advised graduate students to build their psyches by believing in themselves and imbibing “I can do spirit”.

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