The Ministry of Culture organizes a conference on the means of instilling values ​​in young children

Doha: The Ministry of Culture yesterday organized a conference entitled “Our children are our future.. How to develop the youth and implant our culture and values ​​in the future generation” within the framework of the activities of the Department of Culture and Arts , which coincide with Qatar Sustainability Week 2022.

Sidra Medicine’s Senior Pediatrician Dr. Madeeha Kamal told the conference that a child’s self-confidence should be nurtured and built early in childhood as it begins with the love and care that the child receives from his parents since childhood, and develops over time in different ways and for different reasons.

She added that a child feels confident when given the power to act in certain situations, and thus progress towards the achievement of a specific goal. Dr. Kamal said that praising the child for good behavior and teaching him new skills and abilities makes him feel good about himself. In addition, teaching the child the values ​​of participation and cooperation in early childhood will gradually make him more ready to start sharing with the people around him. Parents can also involve the child in some household chores to develop their spirit of cooperation, instead of just focusing on games.

She noted that the implantation of positive and good values, principles and behaviors from the child’s first years is one of the most important educational methods to follow with the child, because it makes him to feel reassured and secure, which helps him to build his personality and develop his confidence in himself and in others.

The doctor stressed that children need continuous care and guidance at all stages of their development, and that education is not limited to the first years of life, but continues until the age of childbirth. ‘adolescence.

Qatar Sustainable Development Week, organized by the “Our Legacy” Center, a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, aims to involve the local community in a wide range of initiatives, d activities and events focused on sustainable development, its challenges and highlight the progress made by the country in this area.

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