The Fiji Times » ‘Ministry has no control’ – When students leave school premises to return home

The Ministry of Education has no control over students when they leave the school premises and what they do on returning from school is the responsibility of their parents, says the permanent secretary, the Dr Anjeela Jokhan.

She said this in response to questions from this newspaper about concerns raised by the public about student behavior on public transit vehicles, especially buses.

Dr Jokhan said there was nothing the ministry could do about students’ unruly behavior on buses – such as sitting on window sills or stomping to the sound of loud music coming from the bus speakers.

“It’s very interesting that you ask what the ministry is going to do about this,” she said.

“Once they’re out of school there’s nothing we can do about it, I mean, you’re telling me – can we do anything about it?”

She said children go home to their parents and what they do between school and home is the responsibility of their parents, not the ministry.

“My child is coming home and what he does in the meantime is my problem.

“If something like this happens (unruly behavior on buses), it’s really between the bus company and what they want to do about it.”

Zane Dean, Acting President of the Fiji Buses Operators Association, in an interview with Fiji time last week said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) was responsible for monitoring drivers and the level of music they play on buses.

“We advised the drivers to put their music on loud, but we are not police officers,” he said. “Anyone playing loud music, LTA takes care of that.”

• Questions sent to LTA about student behavior on buses and bus drivers playing loud music remained unanswered at the time of going to press.

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