The Fiji Times » Fiji’s education system is teaching driven – Minister

Minister for Education, Heritage and the Arts, Premila Kumar, hands over the chairmanship of the Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) to Professor George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Kenya. Photo: SUPPLIED

The current education system is geared towards teaching as if all children will go to university, Minister for Education, Heritage and the Arts Premila Kumar told the 21st Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Nairobi, Kenya.

She said it resulted in a system that was biased against intellectually capable people.

She said there was no room for talented children and to address this the ministry was developing a 10-year education sector plan which would set priorities and strategically engage government resources to develop a more resilient, innovation-driven education sector. , sustainability and employability.

She said the government continues to support 98% of community and faith-based schools with funding and free education grants.

She said this included providing free education from pre-school to secondary schools so that parents and guardians do not have to worry about school fees, bus fares, boat fares, textbooks or fundraising to repair community-owned schools.

She said this included sanitary pads given to girls in grades seven to thirteen and higher education support from the National Toppers and Tertiary Loan Schemes.

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