Tanzania: Zanzibar authorities act to fight measles and Ebola

ZANZIBAR First Vice President Othman Masoud has urged members of the public on the islands to take precautionary measures against measles and Ebola, which have been reported in neighboring Uganda.

Likewise, the islands’ government has banned the entry of visitors from neighboring countries for the ‘Ijitmai (gathering of Muslim lectures) scheduled to begin on Friday.

The vice president visited the Mnazi Mmoja referral hospital in Stone Town where he was told that at least eight children had died of the 1,315 who had contracted measles this year.

He was informed that the Zanzibar Ministry of Health was planning to carry out mass measles vaccination from 10 November this year as measures to contain the disease.

Pediatrician Dr Zubeida Mohammed Hussein said the disease affects most children under five and around 300 cases of measles are reported each month.

According to the Director of Prevention and Health Education, Dr. Salim Nassir Slim, an outbreak of measles has been reported in Unguja West A and West B districts, and is attributed to some parents ignoring the calendars. vaccinations aimed at preventing children from the disease.

“It is sad that we have lost children to preventable deaths. Let us take serious measures to stop measles,” the vice president said, adding that people must observe precautions to prevent Ebola – the Ebola virus from Sudan. to spread to the neighboring country of Uganda.

The island’s Minister of Health, Mr. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, has temporarily banned travelers from neighboring countries, especially Uganda, from attending this year’s Ijtmai in Zanzibar. Ijtmai is a special gathering of Muslims which attracts Muslims from different countries.

“The government will take serious action against local people who allow visitors without permission. We must all be responsible for protecting the country, ourselves and the children. We must also pray to our Almighty God for his protection” , said Mazrui.

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