Tanzania: GGML spends 13 billion euros to finance the education sector in Geita

GEITA Gold Mine Company Limited (GGML) has spent more than €13 billion in four years to finance the development of the education sector in the Geita region.

The fund is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provided by GGML to the Geita City Council with the aim of addressing the education challenge, especially the shortage of offices and classrooms.

The senior manager of the GGML cooperative, Mr. Manace Ndoroma, recently made the remark during a special interview with journalists in Geita town.

Mr Ndoroma said that among the positive results of the CSR fund is the construction of a new secondary school in Mkangala at a cost of 150 million euros, which has helped pupils forced to walk long distances to reach to school and back.

“We aim to ensure that our presence in this community also promotes better learning opportunities for our children in school. So that in the years to come, we may have more scholars who, once rethought to their story, will be proud of our presence. We will also be grateful as GGML that we made this happen,” said Mr. Ndoroma.

The Principal of Mkangala Secondary School, Mr. Egberth Kamugisha, said the construction of the new school has reduced the burden on students who were forced to walk more than six kilometers to get to school.

“GGML and Geita City Council have created better learning environments for us by building classrooms which in 2021 helped us move 220 students who were traveling long distances to Kasamwa Secondary School.” Geita Municipal Council Secondary Education Officer Mr. Rashid Muhaya said the council in collaboration with stakeholders including GGML has successfully constructed schools in Mkangaru, Nyabubele, Lukaranga, Bombambili, Mgusu and Nyakabale.

“This year (2022), we have registered three schools that were built with CSR funds without raising funds from other sources, these schools are Fadhili Bucha, Nyakato School, as well as Mtakuja.”

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