Students at the School of Open Learning, DU, were allegedly beaten by authorities inside the principal’s office

When asked what he thinks caused this sudden violence from the side of the administration, Bhim said, “We raised these demands in various ways, including social media, for several days, but in vain. Finally, today we went to protest, caused a bit of a roadblock and burned some effigies. It seems that the director felt under pressure and was upset by these demonstrations taking place under his watch.

Following the incident, a press release was issued by Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) stating that SOL students are concerned about their studies due to several failings by the administration. “Despite the reopening of physical DU classes on February 17, SOL has not yet started offline classes (academic counseling sessions). SOL distributes incomplete study materials only to 1st year students until March, while exams are due to start in March itself. Students do not even know the basic structure of their course. A ground is being prepared for students to fail en masse. Thousands of students are forced to wait in winding queues early in the morning to obtain study materials,” KYS said in a press release.

KYS also raised concerns about the mode of examination for the 4th and 6th semesters. “SOL has decided to conduct physical mode exams in the month of May. These groups of students would take exams in physical mode for the first time without any basis. People from all over the country are registered for SOL and would find it impossible to come to Delhi for physical mode exam. As such, exams should be conducted in the Open Book Examination (OBE) format, and both online and physical modes should be offered,” the press release asks.

“Instead of examining and resolving these legitimate issues facing student shortages, the SOL administration has reacted in the manner of hooligans by resorting to confinement, beatings and the threat of failing and to rusticate protesting students. The delegation was beaten up in the SOL director’s office at the behest of the director and other administrative officials,” KYS said in a press release.

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