Statement from the Ministry of National Education on the oral examination process for the appointment of 15,000 teachers

Communiqué on the oral examination process for the assignment of a thousand teachers

As indicated in the legislation applicable to the employment of contract teachers, candidates are ranked according to their KPSS score and take the oral examination organized by the ministry; Three times more candidates than the number of positions to be recruited for each area are called. Candidates who score 60 and above on the oral exam are considered successful and have the right to choose to be appointed as a contractual teacher. kazanThere manufacturer.

In article 11 of the regulations on the employment of contract teachers, the subjects and weights of the oral examinations are specified. Candidates can learn the sciences of education and general culture, understand and summarize a subject, express themselves and reason; communication skills, self-confidence and persuasion; openness to scientific and technological developments; He is objectively assessed on the basis of his ability to represent in front of the community and his educational qualifications. The questions put to candidates in all examination centers are equivalent and prepared centrally. Oral examinations are organized objectively within the framework of the law and there is no unfair practice against a candidate teacher.

In this context, the oral examinations for the appointment of teachers took place from 12 to 27 November 2021 and the results of the exams were announced on 27 December 2021.

The objections of our teacher candidates regarding the results of the oral exam are indicated in the appointment calendar, and the objections will be received between 03 and 07 January 2022 and will be finalized on 14 January 2022. Objections to the result will be carefully considered.

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