South Korea reports 107,894 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday; health authorities expect numbers to peak in mid-AugustNews

The number of people with severe COVID-19 cases in South Korea is at its highest in more than two months.
Health authorities say the daily number of COVID cases overall is expected to peak this month at 150,000, lower than previous estimates.
The Ministry of Education, meanwhile, announced its plan to deal with the virus next semester and for the university entrance exam.
Lee Rae-hyun has the details.

The resurgence of COVID-19 is getting worse here in South Korea.
The country reported 107,000,800 94 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.
Although the number was down from Wednesday’s tally, it was up 1.5 times from the same day last week.
The number of critically ill patients stood at 310, up 26 from the previous day and the highest in two months.
Health authorities say this latest wave could peak at around 150,000 in mid-August.
This new forecast is a little lower than the previously expected figure, which was around 250,000.
But concerns have been raised that the pandemic will drag on even further.

“Over time, vaccination will weaken and there could be an emergence of new subvariants of COVID-19. The pandemic situation may change due to various factors, as the number of social contacts increases as the summer vacation season is here.

Meanwhile, all educational institutions, including elementary, middle and high schools in South Korea, will hold in-person classes during the fall semester.
However, the Ministry of Education said schools will be eligible for flexibility depending on the COVID-19 infection situation in each region.
Students will not need to take COVID-19 tests before going to school, but for the first three weeks of the term, rapid antigen tests, masks and hand sanitizers will be provided to teachers and students.
All classrooms and school facilities will be sanitized daily throughout the semester.
Universities will resume in-person classes, but will have the option to go online in the event of an outbreak.

There is a new measure for students taking the annual college entrance examination known as Suneung this year while infected with COVID-19.
They will go to special testing centers instead of taking the exam at hospitals or residential treatment centers.
Suspected cases will take their exams in separate rooms while seated two meters apart.

The Department for Education said on Thursday it was to ensure fairness for all students.
Lee Rae-hyun, Arirang News.

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