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If you’ve ever attended a church service at Christian Life Assembly-CLA Nyarutarama, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a harmonious voice leading worship. This is Maya Nzeyimana, the cult leader of the church.

Her wonderful influencing talent as a singer. Through her music, she spreads gospel and her impact extends far.

For 16 years now, she has served in ministry at other businesses that she has undertaken along the way.

Nzeyimana wears several hats; church minister, choirmaster, bible teacher, artist, instrumentalist, she is also the mother, songwriter, actress and wife of gospel artist Fabrice Nzeyimana.

Maya Nzeyimana, with her husband

A gospel artist herself, she has sung and performed in songs such as Umugabane wanje, Nduwawe, Muremyi w’isi, Umwami w’ibihe, Imana ihoraho, Overflow, Ndaguhimbaza, I long for you, Reka ngushime, among others.

Discover his talent

Growing up, Nzeyimana enjoyed listening to music, mainly from the vineyard and integrity genres.

But she never really started singing until she was 16 when she gave her life to Christ and began to serve God.

Since then, she has mainly led worship teams. But she was also engaged in preaching sermons to Sunday school children.

Being on the worship team was never easy for her because she was a very shy person, she says.

Nzeyimana in class with his students.

But once a problem arose between their pastor and the worship team and they could not lead the service. When her father, who attended the same church, learned of the incident, he asked her to take the opportunity and sing.

Through obedience, she faced her fears head-on and the rest became history.

“The pastor heard me sing and was so impressed with my voice that he made me a conductor. It was this ordeal that awakened this “singer” in me that I was afraid to let out, “she says.

Currently, her role at CLA extends to theater, poetry and dance. She helped organize Christmas Cantata, their annual Christmas play, writing plays and screenplays.

Serve with her husband

Nzeyimana and her husband began full-time church service in 2016.

They have since started another ministry “Heavenly Melodies Africa” ​​whose purpose is to disciple and train people in the ministry of music.

Their ministry currently serves in four countries; Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda, with expansion plans.

The Minister says serving with her husband is great in so many ways as they fulfill both their purpose and their passion.

“It can be difficult because we have to serve our ministries alongside our personal lives. Sometimes a problem in our relationship can affect our ministry, but we learn to prioritize the ministry of our marriage and our family above anything else, ”says Nzeyimana.

They write songs as a couple and advise each other on the message or melody in order to make the song stand out clearly. When composing music, they mainly focus on themes, scriptures, and make sure the song is about the gospel.

Her goals

She relishes discipleship; work with young people who want to grow and understand God.

Nzeyimana however takes time for personal growth. She is pursuing a master’s degree in advanced education and has enrolled in a master’s degree in systematic theology.

Some of the challenges she faces as a church minister include the ministry being very tempting and easy to turn into work other than focusing on the relationship with God.

She continues that the ministry is not profitable either because gospel artists invest a lot but don’t earn much. “It takes it to have the heart to serve and not expect much in return,” she says.

Through her classes that she develops, the 32-year-old offers opportunities for others to understand the Bible. She is also eager to create a school for dropouts to access free education.

His concluding words are about the search for God above all else.

“My advice to young people is to pursue God first and foremost. Everything we do in life outside of God’s will is meaningless. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others because you are unique. Comparison is something I struggled with, but now I know God has given me a unique gift in so many ways, ”she insists.

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