SC lashes out at IIT authorities and tells them to “create a siege” for Dalit boy who lost IIT Bombay – Edexlive

The Supreme Court is adamant about his stance on Prince Jaibir Singh, 17, that he is given a seat at IIT this year. On hearing the petition filed by the student from Ghaziabad, the Supreme Court did not agree to be informed by the IIT authorities that there were no vacant seats available. “There will be a court order against you and then it will be a problem for you. You have to understand the reality of our social life,” said Judge DY Chandrachud. The two-judge bench, which also includes Judge AS Bopanna, called on authorities to “create a seat” for the Dalit student who lost his seat at IIT Bombay due to a technical problem with the payment of fees. costs.

Prince, who had previously had his appeal dismissed by the Bombay High Court for failing to seek redress within the deadline, found strong support in the Supreme Court, where judges said: “Often seats become vacant . You can adjust it there. Please tell the president that the student cannot be left out, he is a Dalit boy and he did not have the money. You have to understand the realities of what is happening. happening in the field, find a way out.

During last week’s hearing, the court called the student merit and deemed the case important enough to force him to “rise above the law.” “He’s a Dalit boy who missed a spot without fail on his part. He passed an IIT exam and was about to be admitted to IIT Bombay. How many of these kids are able to do it? sometimes the court must rise above the law, ”the magistrate said.

The online Joint Seat Allocation Authority, or the JoSAA Council after JEE-Advanced this year, requires students to confirm their assigned merit seat by paying the admission fee. On October 29, the student, who achieved a rank of 864 in the scheduled castes on the IIT-Advanced exam, attempted to pay the seat acceptance fee on the official website, but his credit card did not work. simply not. And the moment his sister transferred the money to him to complete the transaction, he found, to his horror, that time was up and the seat was no longer available.

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Prince’s appeals to IIT authorities via appeals and emails went unanswered, prompting him to file an application with the Bombay High Court. There, the Ministry of Education, which disputed the petition, said failure to pay the acceptance fee on time implies a rejection of the offered place in the computerized process, and its plea was dismissed.

The case was postponed until later today and the judges have meanwhile called on the authorities to speak with the student.

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