Roger Kurian’s Successful IT Career Explained

Today, competition is fierce in the IT industry, which means you need to be highly skilled and competitive to succeed. Although not an easy task, it was a challenge that Roger Kurian was ready to take.

With over 25 years of experience in building his career in the IT industry, Roger Kurian started his career in IT and Computer Science at the University of Bombay in India. There, Kurian earned his undergraduate degree, noting that he was an outstanding candidate.

Roger Kurian then pursued higher education and obtained a master’s degree. Due to his excellent grades and relentless work ethic, Kurian applied and was accepted to the Masters in Computer Science program at Kent State University in Ohio.

Kurian remembers having to take the GRE exam, otherwise known as the Graduate Record Examination, in order to come to America to get his master’s degree.

Roger Kurian also later discovered that he was awarded the GRE Certificate of Honor for achieving the highest score in the experimental section of the GRE in the world, for people who took the GRE that year.

Kurian’s success continued when he continued his master’s studies. Successfully defending her fascinating thesis, she was later published on the University of Kent website.

“It was called benefits for managing the use of GQM,” Kurian explains.

For his thesis and presentation, Kurian received various accolades. This, however, was only the beginning of Roger Kurian’s successful career in the IT industry. He knew he had more to give and more to achieve, and he was excited for the next steps in his career.

Throughout Roger Kurian’s school years. He has worked towards obtaining numerous certifications, some of which are CSF, CSM and CSPO. He also got his real estate license and worked part-time in real estate. After graduating, Kurian started climbing the corporate ladder, spanning all industries.

Detailing his background, Kurian says he has over 25 years of IT experience. 15 of those years have been in the financial industry.

“I’ve worked for JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citi Group, Stanford Financial and more.”

Roger Kurian also has over six years of experience in the oil and gas sector, working with Shell. Add to that four years of healthcare experience and four years of energy and utility experience, and Kurian has become a highly sought-after candidate.

One of the projects that Roger Kurian is still proud to have worked on is called ARM. It is a product that stands for Asset and Resource Management. As Key Engagement Manager, Vendor, Program and Project Manager, Kurian was responsible for implementing this product across North America.

The product is not used successfully by approximately 62% of utility companies in North America, and Kurian is proud to know that he helped bring such a useful product to market.

Companies like Dominion Electric, Louisville Gas and Electric (LGE), and Duke Energy are all implementing the product.

Throughout his experience in the IT industry, Roger Kurian has had many successes, but getting there has not been easy.

A piece of advice from Roger Kurian is: “It’s always important to take small steps and learn the ropes.”

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