Reserving jobs for local youth in the industrial sector, energy projects at J&K: Manjit Singh

Reserving jobs for local youth in the industrial sector, energy projects at J&K: Manjit Singh

posted on August 17, 2022 | Author N / A

Samba, August 16: Apni Party (AP) Provincial Chairman Jammu and former Minister S. Manjit Singh on Tuesday demanded the reservation of jobs for local unemployed youths in development projects initiated through J&K.

According to a statement issued to the press, while addressing a meeting of workers in Vijaypur, Manjit Singh expressed concern over rising unemployment and the government’s allegedly ‘unserious’ approach to making in the face of the emerging situation.

“The unemployment situation is alarming at J&K. However, the government has taken little initiative to protect the constitutional rights of unemployed young people who move from pillar to post to get jobs in both the private and public sectors. However, no one listens to their complaints. After completing their studies, young people look for jobs and in the process they age,” he added.

He said the government must take immediate action to restore the confidence of the youths by reserving jobs for them in the industrial sector, NHAI works, power projects, AIIMS Vijaypur (Jammu), IIM Jammu and other leading institutions.

“We have many opportunities within J&K, but it requires an honest approach to address the growing concern among young people. The authorities remain impassive and the recruitments turn into scams. It hardly happened that the recruitment process is questioned as all these processes were fair and transparent,” he added.

He said, “In this confusing situation, the government must hold assembly polls in J&K as soon as possible and restore statehood. Political government can do justice to the people. The bureaucracy has completely collapsed and failed in all development plans and projects from Indian government to J&K with its inability to complete them on time. In many departments the money has been returned without being used for development projects and this has left people hopeless and alienated from the government.”

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