Radford authorities participate in active threat training

RADFORD, Virginia. – The authorities prepare for the worst scenarios during these trainings.

On Friday, the Radford City Police Department said it had been participating in active threat training throughout July, with more to follow soon.

Pete Rutzinski, acting deputy police chief, said the trainings help authorities prepare while working on the ground.

“The RCPD remains committed to training in the latest tactics, with the latest research and information,” Rutzinski said. “This allows our agency to be better prepared to protect and serve our community on a day-to-day basis and in the event of an active threat incident.”

The first two trainings were hosted by the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counterterrorism Education at Louisiana State University, better known as LSU-NCBRT/ACE, according to the release.

The courses were developed by the LSU Center in conjunction with the nation’s top subject matter experts, the statement said, and are intended to meet the most current preparation needs.

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According to the release, Active Threat Integrated Response Care was the first training the City of Radford Police Department has participated in with Radford Fire and EMS, Radford Sheriff’s Department, Radford University Emergency Management Officers. and several surrounding jurisdictions.

The ATIRC course addressed the need for rapid and decisive communication between law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services in an active threat scenario, the statement said, and it provided crews with skills medical.

Not only that, but the course allowed crews to participate in practical exercises to help improve communication between teams at the scene, and underscored the end goal of saving more lives, according to the statement.

Authorities said there was also a second round of training that took the Active Threats Course on Campus, which was attended by members of Radford City Public Schools and Radford Public Safety officials. .

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The Radford City Police Department’s final round of training will take place on the weekday evening of August 1 at Radford High School, according to the release, and it will be “force on force” training.

Several agencies will participate in the final training, which could lead to an increased police presence in the area during these evenings, according to the release.

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