PTI government modernizes public sector schools in the province: Momina Basit

Faizan Hashmi

HAVELIAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – November 20, 2021): The Provincial Assembly of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Momina Basit, said the government is prioritizing the modernization of public sector schools in the province, as development in the modern world is the result of the improvement of the educational system.

During her visit to the No.1 Government High School in Havelian, she said the PTI government has focused on the education and health sectors and allocated billions of rupees to upgrade facilities.

Momina Basit said that the government Havelian High School is the main educational institution in Tehsil which has produced a large number of graduates serving in various sectors.

Upon Momina Basit’s arrival, the school principal informed her of the school’s problems and said it was a historic building in need of major repairs, including walls of pregnant.

Former MPA and PTI Abbottabad District Chairman Nisar Safdar, while speaking on the occasion, said that Momina Basit very generously provided huge sums for the reconstruction of the school boundary wall and that it should provide more funds for other school needs.

He said that AMP Momina Basit’s role in the development of Havelian City is commendable and that she would bring more development projects for the city during her tenure.

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