Professional Matching Fund proposals up 300%: ministry

Compared to last year, the number of proposals for (Professional Matching Fund) this year has increased quite significantly, reaching 300%.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The number of proposals received under the Professional Matching Fund program increased by 300% in 2022, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

“Compared to last year, the number of proposals for (Vocational Matching Fund) this year has increased quite significantly, reaching 300%,” Academic Director of Professional Higher Education at the Ministry, Benny Bandanajaja.

The Professional Matching Fund Program 2022 is a ministry-initiated funding program that involves personnel from professional colleges and from the business and industrial world (DUDI) to respond to the challenges of the industrial world through the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (Freedom of Learning and Campus).

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The program successfully obtained 176 design or project proposals from 70 universities that offer higher professional education (PTPPV) and 156 industrial partners.

Bandanadjaja said he hopes the increase in the number of proposals indicates a corresponding increase in learning methods of vocational students in Indonesia.

“One of the objectives of the program is to develop students’ learning methods by inviting them to become directly involved in the world of business and industry through factory/industry teaching. teaching, where students gain hands-on experience as well as project-based learning,” he said.

Kedairekalaunched in 2020, is a platform for higher education institutions and industries to collaborate on creative creation and innovation.

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After higher education institutions and DUDI agreed on a partnership through Kedairekaspeakers may submit a proposal for matching funds.

Below Kedaireka, the Vocational Matching Fund program has five priority themes: blue economy, digital economy, green economy, health independence and tourism development. In addition, the program is open to other themes through proposals.

One of the ongoing matching fund projects is a traditional wooden ship revitalization project chaired by I Putu Arta Wibawa from the Polytechnic Institute of Shipbuilding, Surabaya.

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