New Holt Public Schools Lighting System Could Cut Costs by More Than $3 Million

HOLT, Mich. (WILX) — A new lighting system for Holt’s public schools is expected to save millions in energy costs for the district.

About 10,000 LED light fixtures spread across several Holt Public Schools buildings are part of an infrastructure upgrade aimed at helping the district reduce energy consumption by more than $3 million over the past 12 coming years.

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The school district won national recognition Monday for its upgraded lighting systems that have been installed in several buildings. They and energy services company Trane Technologies have worked to help reduce energy costs and improve the learning environment for everyone in their buildings.

They were announced the winners of the 2022 Integrated Lighting Campaign by the US Department of Energy and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The costs were covered by the Energy Bond which was approved in 2021 by the State Board of Education.

Holt Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hornak was among those who reacted to news of the school districts‘ recognition.

“This project helps us save money by reducing our energy consumption and it provides an opportunity to create a personalized learning environment for our students and teachers,” said Dr. Hornak.

According to a press release from Holt Public Schools,

  • “A centralized control capability to monitor lighting activity and make adjustments to optimize functionality from a handheld device or central location.
  • An improved energy management system that allows motion sensors to control classroom and hallway lighting and allows automatic changes when schedule changes occur without the need for regular scheduling.
  • Enhanced security to provide centralized control of all lights in an emergency, the ability to dim parking lot lights when not in use as well as the ability for these lights to turn on when a car or a person enters the parking lot.


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