Ministry starts implementing school readiness test for pre-primary level in kindergartens

Doha: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has today started implementing the School Readiness Test for pre-primary to kindergarten stage, and it will continue until May 26 .
This test aims to measure the readiness of the student to move from the preparatory phase to the first year of primary school, and it is applied as part of the indicators of the strategy of the Ministry of Education.
Due to the importance of the test, the Department of Preschool Education has worked in this context to raise awareness among teachers, schools and assistants about it, knowing that it will be applied to 4,298 children in the 65 kindergartens of children of Qatar.
The school guidance department of the school affairs department of the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education organized the first forum for new psychologists from integration and specialized schools, in cooperation with the Roua Centre.
Dr. Flavia Muhammad Othman, a specialist in psychological counseling for students in the Department of Student Counseling, said that the ministry is keen to continuously train psychologists to increase their efficiency, develop their abilities and qualify them to deal with all problems and problems that should arise. deal with it in their field of work, due to its belief in the importance of student mental health.
She referred to the great role played by the psychologist in terms of early psychological intervention for individual cases, preventive counseling for students, teachers and parents, skill development of gifted and talented students, and treatment, modifying and changing student behavior in order to provide an appropriate psychological climate in the school environment.
For her part, Samira Ahmed Belkacem, a psychologist at the Roua Center, said the process of training new psychologists includes how to deal with students with special needs and their parents, and providing them with new treatment methods and plans. to develop their capacities and improve the experience of this category of students and their families.
For two days, the forum dealt with two main areas, the first on the professional practices of the psychologist and their relationship with the school employees, and the second on the professional relationship between the psychologist and the parent for the success of the project. individual teaching.

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