Ministry plans to expand OSEIC services

Fatimah (eighth from right), Rosey (ninth from left) and others in a photo with grant recipients.

MIRI (August 29): The Ministry of Women, Children and Community Welfare Development plans to expand One Stop Early Intervention Center (OSEIC) services to other divisions of the State.

His Minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah said OSEIC serves as a one-stop diagnostic center for early intervention and rehabilitation of children with special needs.

“We recognize the need to expand OSEIC’s services to other divisions like Miri and rural areas. Insyallah it’s only a matter of time,” she said in her speech yesterday at the closing ceremony of the 2022 Sarawak Preschool International Convention at the Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel.

Fatimah said the first OSEIC in Sarawak officially opened on October 30, 2020 in Kuching as a collaborative development project between the Sarawak government and Petronas.

The goals are to identify, assess and provide appropriate intervention as early as possible in a safe and supportive environment, to meet the special needs of the child through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) in order to improve development and functional outcomes, thereby improving family life in addition to supporting parents. to nurture and foster the development of their child.

“Petronas, under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, has allocated RM4 million for renovations, rental of buildings, purchase of equipment and furniture, training and development personnel, module development and management costs for 2020 (the first year of operation).

“In addition, the state government has approved an allocation of RM11,180,000 for the five-year operation of the centre.”

She added that OSEIC is managed by the Society of Parents of Children with Special Needs (Pibakat) and monitored by the OSEIC Advisory Committee headed by her ministry.

“OSEIC’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) includes educational and therapeutic services that equip children with core developmental skills.

“The program aims to work on the developmental, health and support needs of young children aged six and under diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome or learning disabilities.

At the 2022 Sarawak International Early Childhood Convention, she said it was another important step in the journey to ensure quality early childhood care and education in Sarawak.

“Teach our preschoolers the fun way to instill lifelong skills such as computer literacy, creativity, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, confidence, as well as empowering our children today to become the innovators, inventors and leaders of tomorrow.”

Fatimah also presented special annual grants of RM5,000 each to 10 nurseries and kindergartens in the state.

The Deputy Minister for Women, Children and Community Welfare Development, Datuk Rosey Yunus, was also present.

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