Ministry of Education’s “Brahmanic” board, according to a group of students

India’s Republic Day: “The painting was made up of obviously Brahminized visuals,” the statement said.

Republic Day 2022: Ministry of Education chart on NEP 2020 (Image source: PTI)

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Education‘s board for the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 Republic Day Parade has been criticized for being ‘Brahminic’ and exclusive by student group, Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) . The painting, titled “Vedas to Metaverse,” “was made up of overtly Brahmanized visuals with a background musical score that calls for a return to a mythical past glory,” the band said in a statement.

The Ministry of Education‘s Republic Day 2022 board had a model of a sage dressed in saffron with a person dressed as a pandit – a Brahmin – leading students and professionals in a dance.

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“The Brahmanical display at the parade must be seen in the historical context of the country where Brahmanical notions have been deployed to exclude the oppressed masses and marginalized communities from education for centuries. Instead of turning the page on this tainted history and starting from scratch, the BJP government is actively promoting the same old archaic notions in its education policy,” the statement read.

The statement further criticized the alleged efforts by the Ministry of Education to silence dissent against NEP 2020. It also urged people to unite against such government policies to ensure free and equal education for everyone. “The NEP 2020 overtly emphasizes the notion of returning to the past glory of a golden India which is a mythical and misleading concept,” he said.

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Other political leaders have also expressed concern over the emphasis on Indian knowledge and ancient wisdom. Thomas Isaac, who was Kerala’s Finance Minister, criticized the claims made in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur Calendar 2022 titled “Recovery of the Foundations of Indian Knowledge Systems”, which denied the theory of the Aryan invasion.

“Rejection of scientific temperament, free inquiry and distortion of Indian knowledge systems to serve a divisive social agenda are in store for higher education institutions under BJP rule,” Isaac said in a tweet. The Kerala painting which was supposed to carry the model of the social reformer Narayana Guru was rejected.

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