Ministry of Education opens online application for professional licenses

The Ministry of National Education and Higher Education has announced the opening of applications for professional licenses for school heads for the 2022/2023 academic year, from August 21 to 25. License registration will be available electronically via this link –
Likewise, the professional license for teachers will also be announced during the two weeks following the aforementioned period.
The professional license system allows the various actors in the educational process (teachers, facilitators, academic and administrative assistants, kindergarten assistants, managers) to apply for a professional license according to their different job titles and the system allows them to renew the license. professional license except for the first-level teacher’s license, and the system also allows the school principal to evaluate teachers through the evaluation form contained therein, the ministry said in a statement. .
The evaluation determines the teacher’s level of performance in accordance with national professional standards.
In the event that the employee does not pass the license, he integrates a training program aimed at rehabilitating and developing him according to the needs he aspires to achieve the desired results.
The training lasts for varying periods (within a maximum of 24 months from the date of issuance of the first failing result), followed by a new license application. This system supports the maintenance and development of teaching skills. The assessment mechanism was based on actual educational practices that have an impact on student learning, performance and achievement.
The professional licensing system aims to make learning, performance and achievement a top priority to ensure that our students will reach the highest potential and effectively contribute to promoting the advancement of Qatari society.

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