Ministry announces Grade 12 exam results and urges Covid precautions

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has called for vigilance against the coronavirus as pupils gather to see their grade 12 exam results posted at every test center across the country on the 14th and January 15.

In a letter to all municipal and provincial education departments and officials in charge of running examination centers, Minister Hang Chuon Naron said preventive measures of Covid-19 should be implemented as the variant highly transmissible disease from Omicron continues to spread in the community.

He said the exam results would be announced in the capital and Kandal province on the afternoon of January 14, and in 23 other provinces on January 15.

“In this regard, the ministry appeals to center directors to ensure the implementation of health measures,” he said.

The minister noted that the results would also be posted on the ministry’s official Facebook page, urging students to turn to the platform to avoid congregating at each test center.

In test centres, he advised that results be displayed at a safe distance to avoid students congregating.

“Results should be posted away from the playground or other gathering places. Those who are not taking part in the exam will be prohibited from going to places where the results are posted,” the letter states.

Also, students who come to see the results must have their temperature taken, disinfect their hands and wear a mask. They must leave the center immediately after seeing the results to avoid large gatherings.

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