Jamshedpur DC orders city authorities to keep sewers and streets clean ahead of monsoon

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, May 20: The monsoon is expected to arrive in the district in the coming days. This prompted East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav to summon senior officials from Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC), Mango Municipal Corporation (MMC), Jugsalai Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Chakulia Nagar Panchayat, during which she ordered the officials present to ensure that people would not have to face problems of waterlogging, clogged pipes causing waste to overflow and contaminated water on the roads and other monsoon related issues. She also asked the officials present to ensure that the rubbish was lifted regularly to avoid the accumulation of rubbish.

The deputy commissioner said cleaning measures should be taken regularly, especially during monsoons, because otherwise heaps of rubbish, clogged sewers causing water to overflow onto the roads would become breeding grounds for mosquitoes . She generalized the accumulation of rubbish while specifying that it was about reasons of contagious diseases.

DC Vijaya Jadhav pointed out that the bleaching powder should be sprayed after cleaning landfills and in the streets and sewers of the settlement. It can be mentioned that JMC had already launched a cleanliness campaign in its command areas, including the cleaning of drains in Basant Bihar, DB Road and Pandey Mohalla.

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