It’s the Best Decision – EduWatch on Semester System GHG Inversion

Kofi Asare is Executive Director of Africa Education Watch

The government overturns the semester system

Basic schools must do three terms in school

Stakeholders reject proposal to launch biannual system

Education Think-Tank, Africa Education Watch has applauded the decision of the Ghana Education Service to cancel a proposed semester system in the 2022 education calendar.

The proposal made by the GES in collaboration with the Department of Education was overwhelmingly opposed by education unions and key stakeholders.

Following consultations, the service decided to revert to the term system for the school.

Commenting on the new development in an interview with citinews, the think tank’s executive director, Kofi Asare, welcomed the decision but insisted on the need to consult with relevant stakeholders in the near future before taking any action. such important decisions.

“The decision to return to the quarterly system is a good decision. There was no need to switch to a half-yearly system because there was no flaw in the quarterly system that could not be overcome. So going back to where it came from, obviously, is the best thing to do. I believe that the lesson to be learned from the development of this policy will have to be the search for consensus between the parties concerned,” he said.


The government released a new school calendar just a week after the school year resumed for public pre-primary and primary schools across the country.

The new calendar mainly announces the restoration of the system of three mandates and thereby the suspension of a semester which was to be put in place.

The original calendar stipulated that the current school year, from kindergarten to middle school, “should be based on the semester system”.

The January 21, 2022 statement continued that the department had received a representation from a stakeholder demanding the reinstatement of the quarterly system.

“After further consultation on the matter, the Honorable Minister of Education has directed that the kindergarten through college calendar for the current school year be reverted to the term system.

The dates for the new academic year are as follows:

First term
January 18 – April 14, 2022
April 15 – May 9, 2022

Second term
May 10 – August 18, 2022
August 19 – September 12, 2022

Third term
September 13 – December 22, 2022

Some of the unions that opposed the introduction of a semester-based academic calendar were;

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT),

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana

Teachers and Education Workers Union (TEWU)

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