The Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Friday 22n/a April 2022, jointly agreed to release all first semester 2022 grants to all schools and education authorities. The first semester school grants had been suspended earlier this year due to community transmission of COVID-19 across the country and uncertainty over the opening of the 2022 school calendar.

However, during Friday’s consultation, it was agreed by the two permanent secretaries that schools, in particular, need the 2022 grants so that they can be easily accessed and used, not just to purchase teaching resources. and learning they would need to start their 2022 school year, but also to purchase the basic consumables and facilities they would need to protect teachers and students from COVID-19 when schools open.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr Franco Rodie, also revealed on Friday that the MEHRD was working closely with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the COVID-19 Oversight Committee to recommend a date to Cabinet. to open the 2022 school year, as soon as an assessment is completed on school readiness and to meet prerequisite targets to support the opening of schools.

Permanent Secretary Franco also confirmed that his staff is currently conducting assessments of schools’ COVID-19 readiness commitments and that a report is expected to be completed by the end of April. It was further revealed that based on the information and data obtained from the assessment, the Ministry of Education will recommend an opening date for all schools.

The two permanent secretaries finally call on all school authorities to ensure they prioritize grants on both learning needs and basic COVID-19 commitments to prepare for opening. next to all schools.


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