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Education plays an important role in poverty reduction and improves the personal, social and economic well-being of individuals as well as of society. For the progress of any nation, education must not only be inclusive but also equitable, as it is the most important investment a nation can make in its future. We have private and public / government schools and the comparisons between them will last into eternity. But the progress of public schools in enrolling more students than private schools during the Covid-19 pandemic reflects an overall improvement.
This transfer of children from private schools to public schools may be a direct impact of the financial constraints caused by the pandemic. But we cannot rule out the changing face of public schools which are gradually moving closer to private schools. Let me clarify that private schools have been better in their approach to the overall development of a child and also have better infrastructure compared to public schools, where many educational development needs remain unmet. But due to stiff competition and some groundbreaking reforms coming up, we are seeing improvement in government schools. These schools are a hope especially for the underprivileged sections of society because they offer free education to children up to the age of 14, free uniforms and textbooks, and even midday meals. Many parents have had their own education in government schools. Even many successful people and officers also studied in government schools.
The current regime has been strong in terms of reforms and the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 marks a historic evolution of our education system. After this policy, public schools will no longer be able to charge fees up to grade 12. It will also offer early childhood education and care (ECCE) services that were not previously available in public schools and which was a big drawback compared to private schools. ECCE gives children a solid foundation on which all learning rests, making each step of education that follows more effective and productive. However, several issues still need to be resolved.
A teacher not only disseminates knowledge, but plays an active role in shaping the lives of students. Teachers are now trying harder and the need is to embrace and adapt to the constant changes in the education system. Teachers alone cannot change the school system, so government must also play its part. Nowadays, teachers motivate parents to enroll their wards in public schools, but ultimately it is the government that must provide access to better infrastructure. If the government reorganizes and allocates generous resources to improve the ailing infrastructure, and if teachers perform their duties with sincerity and dedication, the day is not far away when we will see splendid performances from the students of the schools. public.

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