Government calls on school authorities to act against teacher unrest

SHILLONG, June 30: Hardening its stance against ad hoc teachers who have launched an indefinite protest outside the Secretariat, the state government on Thursday urged authorities at various ad hoc schools in the state to seek clarification from teachers who do not attend to their normal duties.
“We will soon issue a circular to all school management committees and authorities to take action against teachers who do not fulfill their duties. It is important for them to step in and demand explanations from teachers who remain absent from their duties,” Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told reporters while reacting to continued agitation by ad hoc teachers under the banner of the Federation of All School Teachers. Meghalaya which entered its third day on Thursday.
Tynsong pointed out that ad hoc teachers were employees of school management committees since appointments were made by them.
He said that school management committees and authorities should intervene and address the grievances of ad hoc teachers. “Let them also contribute since the state government is only giving an ad hoc lump sum grant to these schools,” MP CM said, while threatening to withdraw the grant to management committees of uncooperative schools. not with the government.
Tynsong urged the ad hoc teachers to return home and carry out their duties since the state government had already pledged and Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui had personally explained to them the status of their claims.
He reaffirmed that the demands of the teachers would be taken up again at the next Council of Ministers.
“The proposal must go back to the Planning and Finance departments. I am confident that we can take a final call at the next cabinet meeting,” he added.
The teachers, however, are unfazed. FASTOM spokesperson Mayborn Lyngdoh said they were firm on their decision to continue the protest outside the Secretariat indefinitely until the government issues an official order increasing their salaries.
“We’re not going to move from here until our longstanding demands are met,” Lyngdoh said.
Expressing its solidarity with FASTOM, the Federation of All Secondary Ad Hoc Teachers of Meghalaya expressed its disappointment at the state government’s lack of interest in ad hoc teachers.
“Previous governments have done something about teachers’ salaries. But the MDA is the only government that has done nothing to meet their wage demands,” he said in a statement on Thursday.
The association also said during a meeting held on Thursday, that it has decided to wait until the end of July 2022 in the hope of a positive response from the government and if there is no response , she will announce her next course of action.
Meanwhile, members of the Meghalaya and Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association and the Northeast Regional Domestic Workers Movement Meghalaya visited the striking teachers to express their solidarity. The associations stressed the need for the working classes to unite to fight for their rights.
The Meghalaya College Teachers Association (MCTA), which met with ad hoc teachers on Thursday, issued a statement extending its support for FASTOM.
“The MCTA recognizes that their fight for improved wages is very necessary. The Association pleads and implores the government to settle the file in favor of the teachers as soon as possible. If there was ever a time for the government to show its seriousness in making education a priority sector, it is now,” the statement read.

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