Focus is on the Ministry of Natural Resources in the 2022 budget

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration is expected to receive the greater share of $ 51.2 million or 14.3 percent of recurring allocations outlined in Budget 2022.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honorable Andrew Fahie, in the Budget 2022 address indicated that this allocation is due to the reallocation of the National Health Insurance to the ministry as part of the rationalization of the systems.

Premier Fahie said the reallocation was also done in 2020 to allow the Department of Health and Social Development to focus more on health care and public health during this COVID-19 era.

Natural Resources, Labor and Immigration Minister The Honorable Vincent Wheatley said he was pleased with the streamlining of systems and that his department is working hard to continue to meet the goals it sets. has been fixed since taking office.

Hon. Wheatley said: “Your government is looking at solutions to reduce the deficit in the national health insurance program and make it more sustainable. I commend the hard working public servants in my department who have worked hard and continue to do so in the midst of a pandemic to ensure the job is completed within a reasonable time frame. “

On Thursday, November 11, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honorable Andrew Fahie, also addressed the residents of the Virgin Islands on the state of the territory in terms of economic performance, fiscal performance, strategy and outlook budget for 2021 and how the government plans. move forward in 2022 thanks to the reform.

The 2022 Budget Speech was given under the theme, Strategically position new industries with sustainable innovation: continue to improve living standards with a focus on education, small business, healthcare and technology ”.

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