Education minister denies news of ministry chief executive resigning

The Education Minister’s press office today issued a statement in which it denied the news on social media about the resignation of the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Fadi Yarak, stating that the Director General of Education is still performing his duties and has never hesitated to perform his duties in the ministry, but merely requested about three months ago a temporary suspension from said duties, in line with personnel policy and to the approval of the Public Service Council.

“The decision on his request has been postponed until the Council of Ministers resumes its sessions,” the statement said, adding that Yarak’s request has nothing to do with the resignation from his post at the ministry. Education but is rather due to his desire to assume a position. specific task of higher education in one of the Arab countries which has requested to benefit from his expertise for a certain period, “a task which we perceive as valuable for education in Lebanon and in the Arab world, and which will lead to acquire new experiences that will benefit Lebanon in this difficult stage,” the statement said.

“There is no doubt that Mr. Fadi Yarak’s morality, efficiency and contributions to education in Lebanon necessitate his return after completing his mission serving the Lebanese education sector at its various levels,” the statement concluded. .

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