CCPS Takes Steps to Evolve to Standard System Operations

LA PLATA, Md. – Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) continues to take steps to resume standard school system operations. This includes the recent restoration of 100% spectator access to school events as well as concession sales, resuming out-of-county field trips and welcoming volunteers into schools. CCPS encourages staff, parents and families to discuss COVID-19 vaccination options with their family physician. COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone age 5 and older. The following includes updates and plans for the school system.

System eliminates mandatory COVID-19 screenings – effective Monday, February 21

Effective Monday, February 21, CCPS will no longer require student-athletes or participants in extracurricular activities to test themselves weekly for COVID-19 at school. The tests will now be optional for all students.

Parents who wish to exclude their child from testing must log into their Gene 20/20 Systems portal to exclude their child. This will prevent a student’s name from appearing on a shortlist from their school. The portal is here. Once logged in, parents can select Decline Testing from the left menu. It can take up to two weeks for a student’s name to be removed from the weekly school list.

Wearing a mask during certain fine arts rehearsals and performances

Students participating in certain band, orchestra, or other theater arts rehearsals or performances are not required to wear a mask during an active performance. Students must wear their mask before and after their performance in order to comply with the regulations in force.

COVID-19 data and mask regulations in place

CCPS continues to monitor local, state, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 data, including vaccination numbers, transmission rates, and positive cases in Charles County. CCPS’ Office of School Safety and Security also manages contact tracing and COVID-19 data management for the school system. Data for the past few weeks indicates a gradual decrease in COVID-19 positive cases in CCPS as well as Charles County, which is guiding the school system’s efforts to resume normal activities for students, staff and families.

Current Maryland State Board of Education emergency regulations require the use of face masks in schools for all students, staff, and visitors. Federal laws require the use of face masks on public transportation, including school buses. State regulations provide exit ramps, or criteria, for local school systems to follow when considering phasing out masks in schools. Exit ramps are described in a presentation published here. CCPS will consider eliminating masks in schools when it encounters one of the exit ramps outlined by state regulations, or the State Board of Education provides updated legal guidance. The Council of State is due to meet on February 22 to discuss mask regulations. Click here to learn more about the State Board of Education.

CCPS will continue to post school system updates on its website at Below is a visual of the steps CCPS will implement as it returns to standard operations.

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