CANU, Edu. Ministry for the fight against drugs in schools – Guyana newsroom

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) works with the Ministry of Education and other agencies to tackle the problem of illegal drugs entering schools.

CANU chief James Singh told reporters on Thursday that the ranks had identified several new types of drugs that are now prevalent in society and efforts are being made to get them off the streets.

“So we are working with the Ministry of Education and other agencies to raise awareness and develop a program that allows us to go to various schools in the area, educate people about the effects of narcotics,” Singh said in margin of an event. held at the Police Officers Training Center at Camp Road.

Singh said teachers also play a crucial role in helping CANU with the program.

“So it’s not just about working with the students, it’s also about working with the teachers. They must also be able to see people’s behavior patterns. It gives us a better idea if people are using drugs or something else so that we can work with them as well.

The head of CANU further pointed out that the anti-drug agency is also doing a lot of work in various communities with the aim of catching drug traffickers. In this regard, he urged people to provide whatever information they might have.

“We do a lot of work in various communities and the goal here is to target people who are selling narcotics, no matter where, whether it’s near a school or even in this community itself and that’s why again once i will ask… if you know of people who are engaged in the sale of narcotics within your community, anywhere, let us know confidentially and we will take appropriate action,” Singh pleaded.

It was only last Saturday that CANU destroyed approximately 1,500 kilograms (or 3,307 pounds) of marijuana with a market value of approximately US$2.5 million (or GY$523 million).

Authorities reported greater success in seizing more illicit drugs over the past year, but noted that more support was needed.

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