Cambodian Ministry of Education issues restrictions on vaping

The new guidelines prohibit the use, distribution and advertising of these products on and around school grounds.

Issued by Minister Hang Chuon Naron, the ministry’s directive aims to prevent the use of vaping and heated tobacco products, based on claims that the devices are dangerous to people’s health and pose health risks. cardiovascular and respiratory health and also have long-term negative effects on the developing adolescent brain.

The new guidelines prohibit the use, distribution and advertising of these products on and around school grounds, and the ministry urges all affected educational units to work with parents, guardians, educators and students of students. in order to identify and report any e-sites selling and distributing cigarettes.

Health Ministry spokesperson Ly Sovann said e-cigarettes are toxic and highly addictive. “The Ministry of Health has banned the import and use of such products such as hookahs and e-cigarettes in Cambodia,” he said. Unfortunately, the relative benefits of the products as safer alternatives to cigarettes and smoking cessation tools are completely ignored.

Local Tobacco Advisories

Meanwhile, in December 2020, the Cambodian Ministry of Health asked tobacco manufacturers to replace existing health warnings with new warnings determined by the ministry, which did not happen. In July 2021, the ministry reiterated that this standard must be applied.

The Cambodian Health Movement (CMH) explained that the health ministry said the warnings had to be changed every two years. With this in mind, tobacco companies were supposed to change the health warning labels in December 2020, which did not happen.

To that effect, the CMH reiterated last year that all cigarette packs must carry the new text and images as determined by the ministry, beginning in August 2021. “If the image is not modified, the effectiveness of the health warning will be reduced because people have become accustomed to the same image. Thus, the Ministry of Health decided that the health warning should be changed every two years,” the CMH said.

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