Businesses pledge to invest in STEAM to improve Nigeria’s education system – The Sun Nigeria

By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

As part of its efforts to improve the Nigerian education system with STEAM Learning, four Edtech companies namely; 9ijakids, STEM-MET, Edufun Technik, Lagos STEAM UP and Access Bank have pledged to invest more in STEAM education.

STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, helps facilitate children’s exposure to modern technology by investing in STEAM education, as children have the potential to become inventors and innovators.

Stakeholders have recognized that STEAM has brought a significant change in the educational landscape of the country.
According to them, this is the “age of the jet”, where bright young minds owe their energy and ability to work in order to generate innovators capable of solving global challenges. Four companies were able to invest in the STEAM Fun Festival, a project-based and problem-solving approach to education and learning to foster creativity, innovation and value creation in children and the adults.

STEAM Fun Festival organizers are committed to using this year’s program to expose children to events around the world, away from the classroom experience, in a collaborative way.

The four Edtech companies are led by Jadesola Adedeji of STEM-MET, Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu of Edufun Technik, Titi Adewusi of 9ijakids, Wale Ogunjobi of SabiTeach and the Lagos STEAM UP initiative, led by Adetola Salau.

9ijakids executive director Titi Adewusi said the fun festival is designed to prepare children for the future challenge by equipping them with a set of problem-solving and digital skills.

She said that the 2nd edition of the program is scheduled for July 23, 2022 and has the theme: “STEAM from the classroom to the real world”, which would explore various aspects of STEAM, including robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, coding, animation, graphic design, games and fun science experiments.

Adeeusi said, “STEAM is the foundation of modern economic growth and equips young children with the required skills that are essential if Nigeria is to reap the benefits of a digital economy.

According to her, the event is meant to spark love for STEAM education and would be honored by experts and seasoned speakers like Tele Aina, Nkem Begho, Oluwaseun Hamzat, Tolu Olowofoye, Kunle Adenmosun and Oremeyi Akah from Interswitch.

Other speakers who will speak during the program include Golibe Eze-Echesi, Emmanuel Oyelakin, Tomide Odusote, Hugo Obi, Martha Alade Michelle Ijomah and Mary Jane, among others.

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