Bengal school vandalized after authorities allegedly banned girls from wearing headscarves

A school in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district has been vandalized after a hijab controversy. (Representative image: Reuters

Pupils and residents alleged that school authorities asked girls not to wear the hijab inside school premises

  • News18 Murshidabad
  • Last update:February 13, 2022, 09:41 HST

The Hijab line entered West Bengal with a school in Murshidabad district banning female students from wearing the hijab and burqa in class. Following this order, the inhabitants vandalized the school premises. The incident happened on Saturday at Bahutali High School in Suti district of Murshidabad.

Students and residents alleged that school authorities had instructed girls not to wear the hijab inside school premises. This direction sparked controversy and agitated locals reportedly tried to throw stones inside the school and beat up teachers. The police intervened with tear gas and charges of lathi. According to the media, 18 people have been arrested so far.

Later, the police held a meeting with parents and school authorities and the school said it did not prohibit the wearing of hijab inside the premises. The case was settled after negotiations between the school administration and the students’ guardians.

The incident comes amid the ongoing hijab row on high school and college campuses in parts of Karnataka, leading to protests from locals. Higher education institutions are set to reopen on February 14 after being closed for three days in accordance with a government decree.

A PIL was filed in the Supreme Court on Saturday following Karnataka’s ‘hijab’ row and it seeks direction from the Centre, States and Union Territories to implement a common dress code for staff and students of registered educational institutions to ensure equality and promote brotherhood and national integration.

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