BCR authorities should use all available resources to control dengue fever

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – September 4, 2022): Concerned authorities in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) have been urged to use all available resources to control dengue and accelerate the ongoing anti-dengue campaign in addition Strictly monitor dengue control activities in all areas of Cantt in September and October are very important for dengue control.

According to the executive director of the cantonment, Imran Gulzar, the authorities concerned had been ordered to take strict measures in accordance with the law against negligent officials.

He also informed that 17 FIRs have been registered against rule breakers while several traders have also received a warning over the past week.

Fines of more than 50,000 rupees have also been issued for breaching standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government to control dengue fever, he added.

He said that September and October were very important in terms of dengue fever control because most cases were reported during this period, so teams must focus their activities to ensure the elimination of dengue larvae. dengue.

The CEO said that anti-dengue surveillance, larvae elimination, IRS spraying and fogging activities were ongoing in Cantt areas while emergency task forces had also been formed.

He informed that anti-dengue fever teams have visited Chamanabad, Masrial Road, Allahabad, Westridge Bazar, Afshan Colony, Gawalmandi, Koh-e-Noor, Mukaram Town, Qasimabad, Milatabad, Shahbaz Town, Naseerabad and other areas. over the past week and have posted several reviews. .

He said so far, 54 FIRs have been registered while fines amounting to Rs 315,000 have also been imposed on offenders this season.

Dengue fever sprays were also carried out in more than 430 homes, he added.

The CEO urged residents to play their part and remove standing water from roofs and other places in addition to cooperating with dengue fever teams.

He said citizens were also being educated and informed about the importance of sanitation, cleanliness and preventive measures against dengue fever.

Female health workers during the door-to-door campaign were visiting homes to educate the community, especially women, on preventive measures against the disease, he added.

The main focus of the campaign was public health education, he said and informed that health personnel had been instructed to ensure timely cleanliness and proper disposal of solid waste in all facilities. areas.

RCB teams were also visiting hotels, restaurants, workshops, tire shops and dumps and educating citizens about dengue fever and taking maximum dengue precautionary measures, he said, adding teams were also removing standing water and dengue larvae from several breeding sites. .

Vulnerable spots are regularly checked and special inspection is conducted to control dengue mosquito larvae, he said.

The CEO urged citizens to take precautionary measures and remove standing water from their homes and roofs, as most dengue fever larvae and adult mosquitoes are found in air coolers, kitchen drums, and more. water and waste.


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