Authorities seal off Orchid School for operating without permission


Orchid school sealed for operating without permit

A team of officials led by the Block Education Officer (BEO) of Bengaluru North (1) locked down the school with police security

The School Education and Literacy Department on Thursday sealed Orchids The International School on Magadi Road for operating without permission.

A team of officials led by the Block Education Officer (BEO) of Bengaluru North (1) closed the school with police security. Department officials said the necessary steps have been taken to move students admitted to this school to nearby schools.

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“More than 104 students have been admitted to this school. We have made arrangements for them to be admitted to nearby schools based on parents’ choice,” an official said.

On Wednesday, police took action against the school based on the BEO’s complaint that the institution was operating without a licence. The school also released a statement saying it would redirect parents to other branches of Orchids.

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