Authorities discuss ways to improve virus situation on Thursday

As Soa just mentioned, a CLIMBING REALITY IS SETTING OUT here in the country, with the NUMBER of daily infections and critically ill patients REACHING NEW HEIGHTS.
To find out more, I have Choi Min-jung here in the studio.
Min-jung welcome.

Thanks for having me, Sunny.

Now, given the latest developments, I hear authorities are looking at IMPROVING current countermeasures and also EXPANDING some prevention guidelines?

It’s true Sunny. In fact, Korea’s special committee on pandemic recovery held its fourth meeting earlier today.

The committee headed by Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum assessed the current situation and discussed ways to tackle the resurgence.
The prime minister said it may be necessary to roll back anti-virus measures and stressed the need for a more resilient healthcare system.
He said this would lead to wider adoption of home treatment, especially with medical centers in the capital region approaching full capacity.

The authorities are also planning to strengthen their prevention guidelines.
Due to concerns about diminished immunity, the government may allow vaccine passes to be valid for approximately 6 months after full vaccination.
It is also likely that vaccine pass requirements will be expanded to include restaurants and cafes.
At this time, passes are not required for these locations.
Another planned change is the issuance of vaccine passes for those under 18.
As infections among adolescents increase, places popular with students, such as singing rooms, may also begin to require it for younger people.

Due to this increase in infections among adolescents … and worsening COVID-19 indices, … Education Minister Yoo Eun-hae held an emergency meeting with virus experts on Thursday. She expressed concerns about the increased risk of infection for students due to recent numbers and the recent full reopening of schools. The Education Ministry has stepped up prevention guidelines in schools and sent more staff, including for preemptive PCR testing,… but said there was a limit to what such measures can do.

“In order to bridge the educational gap that has arisen due to distance learning,… and to ensure safety in schools and a sense of normalcy for our children,… I ask students and parents to participate to our vaccination campaign,… which is the most effective prevention method.

– second suneung ended safely, no cluster infections reported so far

Besides adolescents, older people who received vaccines earlier than the rest of the population are also at risk.
What options do they have to better protect themselves?

Well, authorities have stressed the need for booster shots.

In the past two weeks, breakthrough infections accounted for 80% of all cases in people aged 60 and over.
The Korean Medical Association said on Wednesday that booster injections are needed because antibody levels can erode in older people who received their injections several months ago.

Meanwhile, Minjung, we got some sad news Wednesday night about Korea’s first FETAL death from COVID-19?

That’s right. A 26-week-old fetus has died from maternal-transmitted COVID-19 infection.

The pregnant woman in question contracted COVID-19 last week, and in just four days she miscarried.
Authorities say the mother was not vaccinated and the fetus subsequently tested positive.
It is not yet clear whether the cause of death is linked to COVID and how the fetus became infected.
Pregnant women with COVID-19 were nearly twice as likely to have stillbirths as their healthy counterparts, according to research by the US CDC.
Considering the risks, medical experts also recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated.

Min-jung right.
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