Atlanta school system passes resolution to promote gun safety in homes

By Jade Gordon and Alta Spells, CNN

The Atlanta Public Schools Education Council (APS) is taking action to promote gun safety in homes. Less than a week after four students were shot and killed and seven others injured in a high school shooting in Oxford, Mich., The Atlanta Board of Education voted and passed a resolution to promote the safe and responsible storage of firearms.

APS will work with nonprofits, health agencies and local law enforcement agencies to promote the safe storage of firearms in homes, which research shows can reduce up to “The risk of gun injuries in children and adolescents at 85% when guns are secure,” says the resolution.

Ahead of the vote, board chairman Jason F. Esteves said the resolution would be a “APS commitment to work with community members and partners” to educate our community about safe storage. firearms “, while explaining how many of the weapons used to commit crimes were stolen from vehicles in houses where they were not secured.

“One of the easiest and most effective ways to get guns off the streets, prevent youth suicides, and prevent school shootings is to ask parents and family members to store their guns safely and promote responsible gun ownership, ”Esteves said at the meeting. Monday.

“Since we can’t change (gun laws) locally, the best thing we can do is encourage people to put their guns away safely,” Esteves said of the resolution to Education Week. “If school districts, cities and counties did their part across the country, then we would be able to fill the void where state or federal government failed. “

“School districts across the country must take action to promote safe storage, like Atlanta did tonight, as they ask – how can we prevent school shootings from happening here.” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, said in an advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety press release after the vote.

The nine-member council voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

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