Apologize for the obviously misogynistic passage Q: Sonia Gandhi at the Ministry of Education, CBSE: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, December 13

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday demanded an apology from the Education Ministry and the CBSE for a “blatantly misogynistic passage” in the English reading and comprehension section of the Council’s exam that is taking place. is being held on Dec. 11, and has called for an investigation to ensure that such “blatant material does not find its way back to the exams.”

Raising the issue in Zero Hour today, Sonia Gandhi called the House’s attention to outrage at the objectionable passages.

“I wish to draw the attention of the House to the nationwide outrage over a shocking and regressive passage in the reading comprehension section of the Grade 10 CBSE exam held on December 11.

“The passage contains atrocious statements,” Sonia said.

The two passages in question read as follows: “The independence of women is the main reason for a wide variety of social and family problems” and “Women have ceased to obey their husbands and this is the main reason for which children and servants are unruly ”.

Noting that the entire passage is riddled with “such bad ideas and that the questions that follow are just as absurd,” said Sonia: “I add my voice to the concerns of students, parents, teachers and teachers. educators and I raise a strong objection to such blatantly misogynistic material that ends up in an important review conducted by the CBSE. “

She said the development extremely poorly reflects the standards of education and testing and runs counter to all the standards and principles of a progressive and self-reliant society.

“I urge the Department of Education and the CBSE to immediately withdraw this issue, apologize and conduct a thorough review of this glaring error to ensure it never happens again.” I also urge the ministry to conduct a review of the gender sensitivity standards of the curriculum. “

Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi said that most of the CBSE articles so far have been too difficult and the comprehension passage in the English newspaper has been downright disgusting.

“The typical RSS-BJP is working to crush the morale and future of the youth. Children, do your best. Hard work pays off. Bigotry doesn’t, ”Rahul tweeted.

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