Adaptive and social learning in the education sector will be the future catalyst for Egypt’s e-learning market: Ken Research

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Introduction of hybrid channel business models: Due to the current COVID situations and its predictability in the future, hybrid business models are expected to thrive in the future. The online learning platform can start interacting with students through offline touchpoints – labs, group chats and more to bridge the gap with traditional modes of learning. Online platforms should help offline professors assess students through in-depth online feedback. Also, these platforms can possibly help offline students in aspects like lesson planning and instructor selection.

Increase government initiatives: Government regulations such as the limitation of foreign ownership in the capital of private schools and schools applying an international curriculum in Egypt alongside the establishment of new procedures to streamline the licensing requirement for establishing a branch of a foreign university is expected to have an impact on the education system in Egypt.

Adoption of new technologies: Businesses have started adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, virtual labs, etc. The platform can provide profile-based personalized course suggestions to prospective students and allow students to make an informed choice on course content, course type and course duration. Additionally, course feedback can be obtained using facial cues captured during course delivery. All advancements in technology can revolutionize the e-learning market in the future.

Ken Research analysts in their latest publication Egypt E-Learning Market Outlook to 2025 – Driven by Easy, On-Demand Access to Content, Self-Paced Learning Opportunities, and Interactive and Modular Ways of Learning believe that the Egypt The e-learning market is expected to grow owing to the increasing acceptance of e-learning platforms by students and teachers, rising start-ups enjoying strong financial backing from large conglomerates as well as technological advancements.

Key Segments Covered

K-12 and Pre K-12 Online Learning Market

  • By type of subscriber (paid/free), 2020, 2021P and 2026F

Post K-12 Online Learning Market

  • By type of subscriber (paid/free), 2020,2021P and 2026F

Online and Casual Language Learning Market

  • By type of subscriber (paid/free), 2020,2021P and 2026F
  • By number of subscribers by type of language (English, French, German), 2021P and 2026F

LMS market

  • By end users (educational institutions/private companies), 2020, 2021P and 2026F
  • By number of schools using the LMS, 2020

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Key target audience

  • E-learning companies
  • LMS platforms
  • Language learning platforms
  • Institutes/Colleges
  • Schools
  • Government authority

Period entered in the report:

  • Historical period: 2018-2021P
  • Forecast period: 20201P-2026F

Companies mentioned:

K-12 Competition

  • Vidukation
  • Abwaab
  • Eduact
  • Ashtar App
  • Joinivy
  • Ideasgym
  • smart art
  • Nafham
  • noon academy
  • Edraak
  • Akhdar
  • Korra
  • Learn Khana
  • Darisni
  • Et3alem
  • Selah Wltelmeez
  • Hadotopia

United Arab Emirates K12 E-Learning Competitive Ecosystem

  • eYouth
  • Edraak
  • Zedny
  • E3melbusiness
  • Average
  • Waza Academy
  • Newton Educational Service
  • MDS Online Academy
  • Academix
  • RaqEdu
  • arabic cct
  • Academy of Kings

Language and casual learning

  • Novice
  • Oto course
  • Polilengua
  • arab academy
  • Nile Arabic Learning Center


  • Skolera
  • Edupoles
  • will classify
  • will innovate
  • Innovate
  • Clever
  • Learnovia
  • international tattoo
  • Blackboard

Main topics covered in the report:-

  • Overview of the Egyptian education industry
  • Sourcing ecosystem
  • Market size and segmentation of K-12 Learning
  • Market size and segmentation of post-K-12 learning
  • Market size and segmentation of the language and casual learning market
  • LMS market size
  • Competition scenario of all markets specified above
  • Working and business models operating in the online learning market in Egypt
  • Future market size and segmentation of K-12 learning
  • Future Market Size and Segmentation of Post-K-12 Learning
  • Future Market Size and Segmentation of the Language and Casual Learning Market
  • Future LMS market
  • In-depth case study for the major global e-learning market players. Discuss their service offerings, USPs, operational performance and key adoption drivers
  • Impact of COVID
  • Technological advances
  • Education budget in Egypt
  • Egyptian K-12 Market
  • LMS market in Egypt
  • Egyptian e-learning market
  • E-learning market share in Egypt
  • Egypt Post K-12 Learning Market
  • Egypt Pre-K-12 Learning Market
  • Egyptian K-12 and Pre K-12 Online Learning Market
  • Egypt Post K-12 E-Learning Market
  • Egyptian language learning and casual e-learning market
  • Vidukation K-12 Learning Market
  • Abwaab K-12 Learning Market
  • Eduact K-12 Learning Market
  • Ashtar App K-12 Learning Market
  • Smart Art K-12 Learning Market
  • Edraak K-12 Learning Market
  • Learn Khana K-12 Learning Market
  • Darisni K-12 Learning Market
  • Hadotopia K-12 Learning Market

For more information on the research report, refer to the link below:-

Egyptian e-learning market outlook

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