Adamu proposes 3 ministers for the education sector

Education Minister Adamu Adamu has urged the country’s new leadership to ensure that the Federal Ministry of Education has three ministers instead of two.
Adamu, who said this yesterday at the 66th National Education Council (NEC) meeting in Abuja, also called for the creation of two ministries of education – the Ministry of Basic Education and the Ministry of higher education.

He also called for the creation of the Federal Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship to address the challenges facing young people.

Currently, the Federal Ministry of Education has two ministers, the Minister of Education and the Minister of State for Education, who is a Deputy Minister.

But Adamu told NEC that there should be a minister for basic education and a minister responsible for higher education to oversee the affairs of the two levels of education in the country.

Speaking on the theme, “Enhancing Safety and Security in Nigerian Schools for the Achievement of the Education 2030 Agenda”, Adamu admitted that he had failed as a minister as he could not solve the challenges of the sector.

He also blamed state governments for the continued rise in the number of out-of-school children in the country, lamenting that they do not complement government efforts to tackle the threat.

Adamu called on all states to take responsibility and provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and teachers.

“I have blamed states before for the continued number of out-of-school children. In fact, the reality is that the actions taken by the Department of Education are taking millions of out-of-school children off the streets.

“I recommended to the president that there should be two ministries of education, a ministry of basic education and a ministry of higher education, and if they don’t want to create another ministry, they should at least have two ministers of state – one for basic education, one should be in charge of higher education.

“I hope whoever leads the next government will have the good sense to create the Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship and if it is not created there should be three Ministers of State in the Ministry of Education . We need a ministry for that.

“Also, I want to tell states that they’re not doing enough about school safety. I know it’s a general threat, but states should start doing what the Department of Education is doing. ‘Education,’ he said.

While saying that it is the responsibility of governments to uphold the right to education for all by ensuring that all barriers are removed, he added that everyone must be on deck to strengthen security educational institutions.

He said: “When it comes to safety and security in educational institutions, distinguished delegates, despite the best efforts of government and many interventions in the past, we still face the challenge of out-of-school children, who , in part, is the result of the general insecurity in our society, which has now taken hold of our institutions following a series of relentless attacks on public and private schools.

Despite the challenges, Adamu said there has been a lot of success in transforming adult literacy spaces with up to 9,810 literate learners through the creation of access to three basic literacy centers in three senatorial districts and one senatorial district in the FCT, including other locations.

In her speech, the director of education of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Saadhna Panday-Soobrayan, said that attacks on schools and violence in and around schools had consequences short- and long-term devastating effects on the well-being of children and communities.

She said getting children into school and keeping them in school is therefore key to ending the security problems in the country.

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